Friday, March 18, 2011

No more garden D:

Hey guys. I havent been on Wiazrd101 in a LONG while! Theres nothing really to do because I already achieved Grand Gardener and crafter. I'm at a steady pace a Veteran in pvp, so its going good. My friend introduced me to Minecraft, which is pretty cool, but not as cool as Wizard101.

I havent got time to post pics today, but I have no more garden! All of my plants fnished harvesting, so I decided to put my plants around the walkway to the door of my house. But one problem: It wouldnt fit in the gardening spells! So, I put them back where they truly belong.

Theres a new world coming up: WINTERTUSK!!!
Yup, KI said it themselves. Its coming up pretty soon, and its gonna be based off the ravens of Grizzleheim. KI has more of this on

I gotta go right now, so bye! I promise pictures next time!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Re-arranging my Garden

Hey guys!! Today, I'm re-arranging my Garden. I'm thinking of putting them in rows down the walkway to the door. I've spent some time not planting any more seeds and letting my plants get to Elder. Then I'm gonna erase every plant plot and use it for my statue place. I'm now gonna start collecting statues, so I could have a collection of them. Here's a picture of my Garden now:
Yup. A mere 9 plants. Freaking super.

If you has noticed the statues, I'm gonna use those.
Oooh! Super news! Crafted all gear! Check out my stats!
I am now super duper at Player vs Player now :DDD.

On a note from KI, Text Chat people cant type in capital letters, because people have been capitalizing words like Gary to make GArY, which I think you know what means. Here is a note from Professor Greyrose:
Between KingsIsle’s commitment to maintaining a family friendly game and the increasing amount of players using the caps to talk around chat filters, it was deemed to be an appropriate action to remove the capitalization ability in the filtered chat. As long as you’re chatting appropriately and within the filters, there should be no issue with communications. 
Yay, hurray, no more bad people talk :).
Well, that's all for now. Ill see you guys later!
Question of the day: Are you doing some major re-arranging in your house? 

Monday, February 28, 2011

Test Realm stuff goes live!

Hey guys! So, today, i'm really excited, because Test Realm stuff goes live!! I am SO excited for the Hands of Doom pack!!!! it lets you summon a boss from any world to fight at your side! Sorry so short post today, but I wanna go play with the new crowns stuff :D.
Question of the day: What are you most excited about?

Friday, February 25, 2011

I should get off my lazy butt

Hey guys! I should really get going, as the only thing I do anymore in Wizard101 is take care of my garden. I've kinda gotten lazy crafting, and I might work on my storm for a while.
So, what are you guys planning for today? I got the day off, because it is teacher work day. I get my new schedule on Monday, and I hope it will be a fun rest of the year.
It is snowing really hard, and i'm about go go play in the snow.
Breaking news:  I got $20! If I havent told you this (which I probably did), i'm gonna go get a gift card! More pet training, and more pvp (Yes, i'm gonna go give it a try after I finish crafting and pet training).
I've got the crafting Ring and Athame DOWN! All I need are a bazillion more Stone Blocks and Sunstone...
If you checked out Friendly's blog yet, he said you can get some Mega Snacks from harvesting certain plants.
Yes, this is a short post sorry, but i've been itching to go play outside all day!!
Question of the day: Did you go through all the work to get everything crafted?

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Pictures galore!

Sup guys! Today was our last day in Gym and Chinese for this Trimester.We played Dodgeball in Gym and got a gift from China in Chinese class. I got what looks like a  little pillow in the shape of a circle cloud with the symbols of good luck and good fortune (I would put the characters but my stupid computer refuses). Anyway, i'm gonna post a bunch of pictures to show you my current status since I lacked huge to show you:
 (p.s That is my current deck, except with no Rebirth, I was just too lazy to take a picture)

So thats it, stupid computer restricts me to put up more, I dont know why.
Question of the day: What cards should I put in my deck?

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I'm almost done!!

Hey guys! Long break! Anyways, in Wizard101, I didn't realize you had to craft a Ring and Athame. So, I'm crafting the Athame first, because it gives good power pip and excellent health. I cant decide whether to craft the ring or not, because it decreases Power Pip chance dramatically, which I dont think this is a good idea for pvp. So, I guess I'm not completely done with my gear like I thought I was.
Now, ready for the stupidest thing ever? Ok, prepare yourself:
I trained in Myth and Ice for secondary schools!!

Surprising, right? I feel like an idiot now, but its not my fault, I wasnt interested in pvp back when I was a noob. So, I got 20 dollars, and i'm thinking about buying them back with this new $20 I got. I've taken a job doing chores, so preparing me for the future I guess.
So, the weather is kinda warming up today.
I gotta go, gotta get in the shower and all. Bye!
Question: Should I craft the ring or keep the ring I have that gives 21% chance? Btw, the crafted ring gives 20% outcome healing, and 21% income healing. Same as Athame. It also gives Power Pip boost, but not as much.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

I'm giving up on pvp

Hey guys.
As the title says, i'm giving up on pvp and going into raising Pets.
I'm raising my pet Satyr, Tyson. Here's a picture:

Yup, thats Tyson. Here is his stats:

And my current stats in Pet Racing is Corporal (535 points).
So, I havent posted in a while, and I got more views in  couple months than my Uncle did in 2 years  =D
So, people have been locked out of their Dorms and Castles a couple days ago. People have been exploiting this bug of stacking plants and Harvesting them a bunch of times. Shame on them. They have been banned. Here is what the people of KI said:
I want to take this opportunity to clarify what occurred to cause us to close all the Wizard Dorms and Castles & Lands for a day. Players found a way of exploiting a gardening bug in their houses which allowed for infinite harvesting of elder plants.

Players who obviously exploited this bug have been banned, and we will continue to investigate others who may have also taken advantage of something that was clearly not intended.

I obviously won't go in to the details of how the infinite harvest worked, but part of this exploit exposed a larger implication in another bug that our community affectionately calls 'stacking'.

This 'stacking' bug allows you to stack rugs, tables and other furniture pieces in your home to create new levels and interesting structures. This has been a long standing bug, and every time we bring up whether or not to 'fix' it, we realize that this stacking bug is a harmless bug that in fact allows our community to be very creative. We're always delighted to see just how much our players enjoy being creative and we feel that removing the functionality to stack housing items would stifle that creativity, and we obviously don't want to do that!

While we have fixed the gardening exploit that relied on this 'stacking' bug, at this time we do not plan to remove the ability for players to stack their housing items. However, should other exploits be discovered that use this 'stacking' bug, we will have to reassess whether the harm outweighs the creative freedom.


And, here's their apology:
As many of you know, yesterday we experienced some technical difficulties which required us to temporarily lock our players out of their dorms, Castles & Lands. We realize that during this time many gardens may have suffered from some neglect. To apologize for this inconvenience, and to help you get your plants looking spry again we're giving each player TWO Energy Elixirs at no cost the next time you log in to the game!

To receive your TWO Energy Elixirs, simply log in to the game between now and 11:59pm Central US time on Friday February 11th 2011. Please note that each account will be able to receive this gift only once. The Energy Elixirs will appear in your Gift window and you can claim them at any time you need energy. 

So, thats what they said. 2 Energy Elixirs. Awesome. Free. I didn't even need one ;).

So, thats it for today.
Question of the day: What's your rank in Pet Derby?