Friday, March 18, 2011

No more garden D:

Hey guys. I havent been on Wiazrd101 in a LONG while! Theres nothing really to do because I already achieved Grand Gardener and crafter. I'm at a steady pace a Veteran in pvp, so its going good. My friend introduced me to Minecraft, which is pretty cool, but not as cool as Wizard101.

I havent got time to post pics today, but I have no more garden! All of my plants fnished harvesting, so I decided to put my plants around the walkway to the door of my house. But one problem: It wouldnt fit in the gardening spells! So, I put them back where they truly belong.

Theres a new world coming up: WINTERTUSK!!!
Yup, KI said it themselves. Its coming up pretty soon, and its gonna be based off the ravens of Grizzleheim. KI has more of this on

I gotta go right now, so bye! I promise pictures next time!

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